About Us

Friends of Hospice was established in May 1994 as a non-profit organization to provide support for Bermuda’s only hospice by fundraising, providing therapeutic services, emotional support programmes, and volunteer services. We are Bermuda Registered Charity #391.

It is our firm belief that everyone deserves the right to comfort and dignity in their final days as well as specialized palliative care. It is also our belief that every patient and their loved ones deserve the opportunity to experience the best possible quality of life during this phase of their journey.

In 2021, it was announced that we intended to grow and evolve our business model in a significant way, to include taking on responsibility for the management and operation of a new standalone Care Centre within the community. It is with pleasure that we now provide you with a snapshot of the vision for that initiative.

The Campaign Vision


To erect a self-sustaining dual-purpose care centre that offers exceptional medical, social, and spiritual support to its residents and their loved ones, meeting two significant needs in our community: elder care and hospice care. This centre will act as a conduit to educate and expose our community to the challenges and solutions associated with elder and hospice care and ensure equitable and caring treatment of all those we serve. The care partners employed will consistently deliver exceptional care and serve as role models for those to follow. True change begins by taking the first step in a different direction, and the model supporting this initiative will promote the change we need and deserve as a community.